Betty White to host SNL Facebook Campaign

The next episode (with Lily Tomlin) is on its way. In the meantime…

I urge anyone who’s on Facebook to join the Fan Group Betty White to Host SNL (please?)! if you haven’t already done so.

Word has it that NBC/SNL has already reached out to Betty White’s publicist, but this campaign could use another push.

NPR has a nice write-up on the campaign and offers some good reasons as to why Betty White should host the show. I like this reason best:

Landing a big movie star like Megan Fox doesn’t really matter anymore, because they can come on the show and — like Megan Fox did — come off as utter stiffs. Even when they get good hosts like Mad Men’s Jon Hamm, they don’t know what to do with them anymore. Hosting Saturday Night Live has become such an obligatory part of the PR circuit that no matter how big a celebrity a hot young talent may be, nobody is really impressed that the show landed him or her to host.

You know what would be a big headline? Betty White. It’s such an unexpected maneuver that it would legitimately cause people to pay attention to what’s become one of the most expected shows on TV.


2 Responses to “Betty White to host SNL Facebook Campaign”

  1. Randy Jones Says:

    I have followed Betty White’s carrier ever since the mid 80’s, but me only being 34 myself. I have addord everything she has ever done from playing a ditsy Blondie from freaky alligator feeder.
    She brings charcter to any show,movie, play she’s ever sone and she can only bring the same charm and hillirarious character to SNL. She is still and always be one of the funniest women actress’ of our century.
    Just look at the range of her fan base from young kids, teenagers, young adults, too the not so young at heart, but still young in soul.
    People would start watching SNL just to see her again on a regular bases. She can only add to the show (SNL), with her fast come backs and addlipping she is so famous for.
    Who better to have give the show (SNL) a new fresh face it hasn’t had in a longtime. I know I would stat watching again. Sincerely I’M LOL already just thinking of what she will say on the air LIVE!!!
    Really we could not go wrong with BETTY WHITE! Thank You For taking the time to read my blog about a wonderous women that has already done so much for this country. Where could we go wrong with LOL with the rest of the country with a woman that can only make you laugh or cry at a drop of a hat!!!
    Sincerly, Randy Marshall Jones
    nick name (MARS @ HALL)

    • SHE is ALL this AND more. I give MY support. AND so SHOULD all OF you TALKING to THE rest OF the WORLD, and ALL her (BETTY WHITE) fans. IF your A FAN give YOUR support AND if NOT than SUPPORT the FACT that SHE is THIS if NOTHING more. A true WOMAN that IS still OUT there WORKING at HER age. NOT many IF any CAN say THAT now CAN YOU or WILL you @ her AGE.

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